5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School

“How do I survive grad school?” This week I begin one of my last semesters of graduate school – Queue the bubbly! The end is so close, yet so far. As I enter my last few months, my husband is starting a journey of being a full time grad student. Our conversations about what hisContinue reading “5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School”

Tips for Surviving Grad School!

Here are some quick tips that have helped me so far. Get a planner! I live by my planners, google calendars, and routine days. I plan “unplanned” time too, so I can still go on adventures, and spontaneously spend time with friends…it’s just a little less spontaneous than before grad school Exercise – I tryContinue reading “Tips for Surviving Grad School!”

7 Tips for Distance Learning and Working From Home

I want to preface with a disclaimer: we are not parents, and we only do distance learning 2-3 days a week with our niece. BUT I do believe these tips could help parents who are working from home as well 🙂 Bump Up your Morning Routine – this one was very difficult for me atContinue reading “7 Tips for Distance Learning and Working From Home”

5 Apps you need to get for graduate school today!

Google Calendar – Most schools in the U.S. are using Google Education as their email platform. This means you have free unlimited storage and access to Google apps with your student email! Google Calendar is a life saver. Add your class schedule, dinner dates, homework sessions, and even reminders to “sign off” at midnight! QuizletContinue reading “5 Apps you need to get for graduate school today!”