My Amazon Finds (Just in Time for Christmas!)

Fast and reliable delivery can make or break a Christmas gift, right? Well, for me it can. Often times I remember 1 week before Christmas “Oh! Babe said he wanted that a few months ago, I forgot! **rushes to the Amazon app to see if it can arrive** Here are great gifts for the womenContinue reading “My Amazon Finds (Just in Time for Christmas!)”

5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

(I am not a doctor, don’t take my word as gold, please consult your doctor before traveling) Even before COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, people would get sick while traveling! While I am no doctor, I think it is safe to assume that high stress, poor eating, new germs, time change, and lack of sleepContinue reading “5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling”

Weekend in Tahoe Adventures (pt 1)

The snow season is here! I had an incredible weekend in Tahoe and wanted to share all of the fun things I did on a girls trip. ALl of these options are relatively affordable, and can be done with a day trip, or a weekend in the snow. Direct links are provided to you asContinue reading “Weekend in Tahoe Adventures (pt 1)”