Shop Small Businesses – Spring Edition

Spring is here! I am so excited for spring weather. As you know, supporting small businesses is one of my all time favorite things to do. Reference this blog post next time you are shopping! 🙂 (Pictures found on this post are not my own. They have been sent to me by the business owner,Continue reading “Shop Small Businesses – Spring Edition”

5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School

“How do I survive grad school?” This week I begin one of my last semesters of graduate school – Queue the bubbly! The end is so close, yet so far. As I enter my last few months, my husband is starting a journey of being a full time grad student. Our conversations about what hisContinue reading “5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School”

5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

(I am not a doctor, don’t take my word as gold, please consult your doctor before traveling) Even before COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, people would get sick while traveling! While I am no doctor, I think it is safe to assume that high stress, poor eating, new germs, time change, and lack of sleepContinue reading “5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling”

Fall Target Must Haves

September is here and with all that has happened during 2020, I am so incredibly thankful that stores start marketing to us in early September for the fall season! This means sweaters, candles, pumpkin candy corn, poufs, and just about anything and everything we need to nest well, while being stuck at home for theContinue reading “Fall Target Must Haves”

Shop Small Businesses – Fall Edition!

These are companies that I LOVE. When I say “love” I mean it too. I have talked with their store owners, maybe even shared memes on instagram with. In this season of unknown, let’s do our best to shop from small business owners to keep food on their tables, show them our love, and showContinue reading “Shop Small Businesses – Fall Edition!”