Palm Springs Getaway Weekend

We just got back from a mini vacation in Palm Springs. Here is a recap, we had a blast!

3 Ways My Life Changed in Grad School

I learned a lot in grad school, and it wasn't just how to write really long papers! Life lessons have a funny way of sticking with us after stressful seasons. Here are the three things I learned that I think will stick with me for a while. Enjoy!

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is here and it's time to both be outdoors, while taking care of our skin! Here are my three summer beauty essentials (plus a bonus, so really it's 4 beauty essentials!)

Shop Small Businesses – Spring Edition

Spring is here! I am so excited for spring weather. As you know, supporting small businesses is one of my all time favorite things to do. Reference this blog post next time you are shopping! 🙂 (Pictures found on this post are not my own. They have been sent to me by the business owner,…

5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School

"How do I survive grad school?" This week I begin one of my last semesters of graduate school - Queue the bubbly! The end is so close, yet so far. As I enter my last few months, my husband is starting a journey of being a full time grad student. Our conversations about what his…

Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

Joggers Amazon Fire Stick Outlet with USB Tile Key/Wallet Finder Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massage Gun Whiskey Glasses Apple Watch Band Popcorn Popper (we use this weekly!) Blue Light Glasses Lifeproof Phone Case Athletic Socks Handheld Vacuum Beats Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw Bathrobe Wallet Salt Block for Grilling Goodr (No Slip) Sunglasses

5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

(I am not a doctor, don't take my word as gold, please consult your doctor before traveling) Even before COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, people would get sick while traveling! While I am no doctor, I think it is safe to assume that high stress, poor eating, new germs, time change, and lack of sleep…

Amazon Sales this Weekend! (Dec 4-7)

Hi Friends! Here are some random but fun Amazon goodies I have discounts for that are just in time for Christmas gifts for your family (or for yourself too). I hope you enjoy! If you see something you like be sure to purchase ASAP the deals are only through the weekend! You will see the…

Hobby Lobby 40% Off Fall Decor!

Is there any better way to follow up labor day weekend? Online this weekend Hobby Lobby has all fall decorations listed up to 40% off. While I am not big on buying lots of items to decorate with in our small apartment, I have HUGE dreams of different decorations for each season. Enjoy the good…