Gift Guide for Her: Fitness Edition

Bala Weights Weight Power Ring AirPods Adidas Hat Mini Massage Gun Socks Home Gym Jump Box Goodr Sunglasses (non-slip!) Reflective Jacket (must have for runners and bikers) Foam Roller Fleece Lined Yogas Weights Fitness Journal Nuun Electrolytes Reusable Water Bottle Body Glide

Best Gifts for the Athlete in your Family

(I am not sponsored by these companies unless specified, all opinions are my own. I am also not a doctor, and make no medical claims for the items listed (...these are all opinions)) It's Holiday Gift collection season! Here are the top gifts the athletes in my family are asking for this year. PowerDot 2.0…

Kaitey standing in fitness clothes with a water tumbler

My Fitness Journey during COVID

If anyone else out there was like me, 2020 was going to be THE year. We were going to set and accomplish goals, be the best versions of ourselves possible, be social, work hard, and play hard...and then in early March the world paused (link here for cool pictures of the world on pause) In…