Life with Kaitey!

Life with a New Born – We made it to 1 month!

As of today (when I wrote this…will I ever publish my posts on time anymore?), we are 4 weeks in and I’d like to think we are thriving, not just surviving, but the truth is this caffeine drinking mama may have had multiple coffees today, and I have to pump every 2-3 hours around the…

Amazon Summer Essentials

Looking for a new hobby? To learn something new? Here are a few fun Amazon finds that might be perfect for you!

Travel Tip: Supporting Small Businesses while on Vacation

Have you ever wondered how you can support a small business without knowing the area? Or maybe, you think “It would be cool to know the spots the locals love.” I can help! The last couple of years I have dedicated time, money, and resources to try and learn the best ways to support small…


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Hi, I’m Kaitey. A project coordinator, business owner, graduate student and blogger! I spend most of my time with my husband hiking, playing games, visiting new places, and working out! This page is for my love of life and sharing my favorites with you!

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