Amazon Summer Essentials

Looking for a new hobby? To learn something new? Here are a few fun Amazon finds that might be perfect for you!


Hi! 25 things you might not know about me!

As I lay awake way to early in the morning, here is my blog post I forgot to finish up for my 25th birthday! 25 facts about me 🙂

3 Ways My Life Changed in Grad School

I learned a lot in grad school, and it wasn't just how to write really long papers! Life lessons have a funny way of sticking with us after stressful seasons. Here are the three things I learned that I think will stick with me for a while. Enjoy!

My Secret to Staying Positive and Enjoying Life!

I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite! (Name that movie anyone?) Buddy the Elf said it first, but I will repeat it until the end of time. I truly truly love my life. Each day I wake up with a puppy pouncing on my face (cute but slightly annoying), a day full of possibilities, and a…

Continuing To Be An Ally in 2021 – MLK Day

Hi Friends ~ I have been at a loss of words for so long. Dozens of times the last few months I have sat down to write with little words to share. I am not the most educated (about anything), nor the most eloquent (also about anything), but I do know that I have a…


Amazon Valentines Day Sweaters

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Amazon has such cute, date night at home (or a Zoom ladies night) sweaters and sweatshirts to have for the season of love!

5 Tips for Surviving (and thriving) in Grad School

"How do I survive grad school?" This week I begin one of my last semesters of graduate school - Queue the bubbly! The end is so close, yet so far. As I enter my last few months, my husband is starting a journey of being a full time grad student. Our conversations about what his…

What is LikeToKnowIt? Should I use it?

If you are new to following bloggers you might not be familiar with the app "LikeToKnowIt." So....what is it and should you use it?

Easy Christmas Desserts to Make This Year

Christmas in quarantine is the perfect time to have groceries delivered to your house, make yummy goodies, and then eat them while drinking a hot mocha (or a peppermint kahlua if that is more your thing).

Stocking Stuffers

As I was gathering these, I noticed online stores are quickly selling out. So, if you see something you like be sure to snag it before it's gone! I hope you find these fun, maybe silly, and perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts. Merry Christmas! Pro Tip: For items that come in multi-packs, you…