Life with a New Born – We made it to 1 month!

As of today (when I wrote this…will I ever publish my posts on time anymore?), we are 4 weeks in and I’d like to think we are thriving, not just surviving, but the truth is this caffeine drinking mama may have had multiple coffees today, and I have to pump every 2-3 hours around the clock so we are not quite at thriving…yet 😉

Honestly, I thought I had a morning routine…until now

Holy wow our world has changed in just a blink of an eye. Instead of waking up around 7, and casually starting my morning with quality time with my hubby, I am up between 4 am and 5 am to pump, and then out the door around 5:30 to take our dog out, and then by the time 8am rolls around it’s time to get ready to pump and feed our sweet little babe again. I’ll do this every day until it wears on my sanity to keep our sweet little human fed. Having the privilege of pumping breast milk for our baby is exhausting, and something I am so incredibly thankful for. New morning routine? Check!

My Priorities have Completely Changed – and I’m loving it

My biggest priority used to be not having a top priority. It was pretty evenly split between paying bills, keeping Nala alive, spending time with my husband, and trying to be a better human and help make the world a better place. Now? I actually have a top priority, and it’s to help my little one grow and thrive! While also learning how to balance everything else because loving my hubby and pup, paying bills, and trying to make the world a better place don’t stop.

A New Normal? Nope!

This last month (and now almost 6 weeks), nothing has been normal but everything has been a bit magical. Newborn cuddles, navigating the first few weeks of chaos, sweet sweet moments of my husband and I trying to love each other well while being exhausted, grumpy, and over stimulated, have all been a precious part of this journey into parenthood. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And, don’t worry…this blog isn’t going to change into a parenting blog – I’d have to know something about parenting to do that! We will be traveling and visiting small businesses again soon, so stay tuned for more coffee shops, fun date nights, the launch of my newsletter (eventually), and content coming back to normal. Being creative and curating this stuff brings me life in the exhaustion. Thanks for sticking around!