Amazon Summer Essentials

What better way to start off the summer than by scrolling mindlessly on the internet for activities that will keep you out of the heat, house hold items you never knew you needed, and fun summer treats?! Here are some of my favorite #amazonfinds of the season!

At Home Cold Brew Kit

Are you a coffee snob? You can pick your own grounds! Are you just a regular coffee drinker like me? Grab grounds from your local coffee shop and try this at home cold brew maker. In the summer time, we go through so much more iced/chilled coffee, and cold brew tastes so much better than day old refrigerated pot of coffee 😉 PLUS you can be a little more creative when making at home coffee, with all your favorite combinations of sugar, milk, whipped cream, and toppings.

Windowsill Sunflower Planter

In a dream world, all my veggies are growing in jars and pots at my home…but I don’t live that dream yet! This sunflower in a pot is so cute, and perfect for determining if you are someone who can try to grow your own plants (or if the grocery store is your best option).

Solo Travel Handbook

This summer is the perfect time for you to try a new kind of adventure, a solo expedition! This handbook will give you the tools, and confidence you need to plan a trip solo, and explore the world out there. I probably won’t be traveling solo for a while, so let me know how your trip goes! I can’t wait to hear about it.

Bullet Ice Maker

Summer is the time to get creative. For me, this looks like learning how to be a mom, but last year? It looked like dabbling in stop motion, making fancy looking coffees and cocktails, and jumping into writing more content! I got this bullet ice maker to feed my pregnancy cravings but having bullet ice is the perfect excuse to make fun drinks, and stay cool. (This one is $60 off right now too).

JLB Clip Speaker

We listen to music everywhere we go, and are true JLB fans at heart! This speaker is small and portable. I like that it isn’t too heavy to throw on a backpack for a day hike. We use it everywhere we go!

Pineapple Waffle Maker

YUM! During the great Panini, I started waffling everything. I tried the healthiest of recipes, and I even waffled birthday cake batter! Birthday cake waffles are much better than smoothies turned waffles. This cute mini waffle maker has a pineapple shape which is perfect for adding some summer fun to your kitchen appliance!

This summer, try something new and let me know how it goes!