Hi! 25 things you might not know about me!

I had every intention of posting 25 fun facts about my life right around my 25th birthday in March, but life had other plans! As I lay wide awake – way to early in the morning with the last couple of weeks of pregnancy insomnia, I am excited to sit down and write again. There are so many new faces, friends, and networks apart of the Kaitey Elliott online community these days, that I figured it is the perfect time to introduce myself, a little bit about me, and have fun while doing so!

  1. I’m pregnant! (okay you knew this…)We are expecting our first little one to arrive any day now. I can’t quite comprehend what life is going to look like post baby’s arrival, but I do know that I am already so amazed that there is a little human, a precious soul getting ready to enter into the world.
  2. My husband and I started dating when I was 18, and got married at 21! I know, I was (still am) crazy about him, and probably a little crazy too…
  3. We live in downtown Sacramento, and truly love it. While downtown life might not be for everyone, I love the art, music, culture, diversity, and community that comes with it!
  4. My favorite color is lavender.
  5. I started this blog in 2020 as a #covidhobby and ended up really loving writing, creating content, and finding different ways to curate a positive corner of the internet!
  6. One time, I cancelled my Amazon prime account. It was a mistake (pro tip: if you cancel, and wait a few months they usually give you a discount for a year)
  7. One of my smaller life dreams is to be a runner. Like one of those people who wakes up, takes the dog out for a few miles, then continues for a few more, and actually loves it. I’ll get there one day. Just not today.
  8. One of my larger than life dreams is to help more than 10,000 women on their entrepreneurship journeys. This will happen one day, I’m just not ready to spill the beans on how quite yet šŸ˜‰
  9. I just asked my husband, “What is a random fact about me?” and he said without skipping a beat, “You love Vampire Diaries and Thai food.” and if that doesn’t sum up something totally random, well I don’t know what to tell you!
  10. Being outside brings me joy.
  11. I love people! I believe each individual has a purpose, is loved, and worth being here in this world.
  12. PF Changs is my favorite restaurant. Ever.
  13. I don’t love being an organized person, but I have found that if I’m not – I am way to distracted by everything going on in the world and in my mind to get anything done – so, I organize my life to function!
  14. My husband is 100% my best friend. We absolutely that annoying couple.
  15. I love Crocs.
  16. Rude people confuse me.
  17. In high school, I ate JalapeƱo Cheetos and Peace Tea as a comfort snack before volleyball games, and in various times as dad-daughter dates. To this day I think they are the best comfort snacks. Travel? Stress? Needing to get out of the house? Needing a random snack? JalapeƱo Cheetos and a Peace Tea are perfect any day.
  18. I am not a music person. I have it playing in the background all day every day, but I couldn’t tell you a single artist / album / song title – this kills my husband who is the opposite!
  19. I own 4 plants and have kept them alive my entire marriage (3.5 years so far). This is actually a proud accomplishment of mine. They have survived 4 moves, and 3 summers!
  20. My day job is at a tech company, it’s super fun, modern, and a lot like how tech companies are portrayed in movies. It’s fun.
  21. I have a Masters degree!
  22. This post was way harder to complete than I thought, 25 facts is a LOT

    So, instead of 25 – you get 22, and a glimpse into my life. I love creating, bringing people together, enjoying the life we live. My entire world is going to change over the next couple of weeks as I dive into being a new mama, but I could not be more excited for this season up ahead. I hope you will continue to join me on this journey, and in this online community! Cheers to the (re)start of content creation, being creative, and a new season!