The BEST Outdoor Date Day!

We spent all of 2020 stuck inside. Craig and I have been so ready to get outside that every time we think of a date idea, we gravitate towards dates that include some movement, learning something new, and most importantly having fun! This Urban Adventure Quest was the PERFECT date day! We are already talking about which quest to do next. Read through to find out where we are going next 😉

Our Date Day Adventure

If you are a family member, or have a group of friends who you like to adventure together with, this post is for you too! We have done these quests as a family of 5 adult children and with friends.

Urban Adventure Quest is a scavenger hunt, real life game board, and group activity all at once! I was gifted an experience (thank you UAQ team!!) and go to do the San Juan Capistrano quest. Below is my review! I also have a Reel posting on Tuesday afternoon with some of the beautiful scenes and history markers. We had an amazing day!

The Details

  • Urban Adventure Quest gifted us an experience, but we have done quite a few of them and have loved every one!
  • We arrived to San Juan Capistrano around 9:30am on a weekday and jumped right into the quest. Parking was easy, and the directions on the website were accurate and helpful.
  • These can take a couple of hours so be sure to bring water, and if you can, we love to plan in a coffee stop about half way through so that we can grab a snack and drink to help keep our energy high and have the most fun!
  • Right now, you can use the code “SJCFUN” for 20% off of a quest! *I do not make commission, they just wanted to share the love with you all!*

What we loved Most

To be honest, I love it all! My favorite moment on this adventure was when we stopped at the Catholic Church. It was incredible to see the designs, architecture, and paintings. While I am not Catholic, it gave me a real appreciation for the investment that this group put into their church to worship God.

I can’t give away too much without giving you answers, so the only other thing I can highlight is that for all of the Urban Adventure Quests I have done, I love that I get to explore a city without spending hundreds of dollars on trying every tourist spot that shows up in a Google search.

Anything We Would Change

I wouldn’t change anything! My personal recommendations stay the same, drink water, bring snacks, and if you are more mellow like me, plan out a coffee stop or a lunch stop!

Kaitey’s Rating: 10/10!!!

Craig’s Rating: 8/10

So, Would We Go Again?

100% yes! I think the next one Craig and I will do is Big Bear Lake or Huntington Beach. These are quickly becoming a “must” every time we visit a new city, and (at least in California) the weather is good year round to do these for any special occasion!

And a fun reminder for you: right now, you can use the code “SJCFUN” for 20% off of a quest! *I do not make commission, they just wanted to share the love with you all!*