Palm Springs Getaway Weekend

We went on a mini getaway that was just what we needed! I love Palm Springs. It is one of my favorite places to escape to. There is something about the clear skies, palm trees, desert mountains, kind people, and lots and lots of fun colors that is completely rejuvenating and restful to me. This trip did NOT disappoint.

I shared our favorite spots over on Travis(beta) – basically Pinterest for traveling – this weekend so be sure to check it out! I would love it if you could go view that link and give me some feedback on if you like it or not, it’s a new app that I’m trying out as a creator! 🙂

Hotel: Sonder V, Palm Springs – Our hotel room was perfect for a mini getaway. My favorite feature of the room was the aluminum water bottles in our fridge. Any chance I have to learn about ways to take care of Earth is a win to me. This hotel felt like a resort. Right outside our room was a 21+ pool with cabanas, lots of lounge areas in the shade or the sun, and a bar right in the pool area! I always get a Shirley Temple or Roy Rodgers (Yes, I know those are non-alcoholic…I prefer the sweetness!). The bar tenders were so kind, and the drinks and apps were delicious too!

Downtown Palm Springs: We are early morning people so coffee was the most important first step to our day. Palm Springs has much more night life than it does early morning activities but same with the rest of the world, so we are used to it. We went to the Starbucks Reserve and tried two new drinks special to that location. The baristas were so incredibly kind, and the drinks were a win.

After Starbucks, we wandered around the beautiful down town looking at the Walk of Fame, Art all around the city (including the recently installed Marlin Monroe), I absolutely love all of the artwork. 10/10 recommend you go see it all for yourself. We didn’t go to the Art Museum this trip, but I have been a couple of times and would encourage everyone to go!

Hiking: Palm Springs Aerial Tram – If you ignore all the other fun spots I recommend, don’t ignore this one! The views are so so so worth it! I have been in the snow season and in the summer. Every time I am blown away by the beauty of nature, and the world we live in. We hiked the 1.5 mile loop, and hope to do the 12 mile out and back when it isn’t fire season. After our hike, we grabbed some snacks at the cafĂ©, and played card games. Since it was 100+ in Palm Springs, we decided to enjoy the cooler weather for as long as possible.

Our getaway was quick, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! It has been such a crazy couple of years that it was so nice to get away, spend some time together, and have fun. If you have not yet, be sure to check out my Travis(beta) link, to get a glimpse into what Pinterest for traveling is like!