Activities for Social Distancing in Southern California!

This isn’t a political post, so if you are here for that you can just keep moving friend! Social Distancing was happening long before March 2020, it just wasn’t known and experienced by everyone. Growing up I had a few friends go through chemotherapy, and a couple others who had weak immune systems so our adventures almost always included masks and social distancing. When March 2020 came around, we all became familiar with it.

These ideas are all for being outside. I recognize that the COVID-19 rules are changing all the time. While I do not recommend rule breaking, I do recommend being outside as much as possible (in general, not just during a pandemic). Spend time with those you love, with lots of air flow, and vitamin D!

Oh and – I also know not everyone has the opportunity to do these things. One day, I’d like to start a social media funded grant for families who want to get outdoors but maybe don’t have the resources to do so. I’ll have a big enough platform to do those kinds of things some day. So stick around! It will be worth it <3

If you try any of these, be sure to let me know how you like them (or if you like them at all)! 😀

  1. A Day at the Beach – There are SO MANY beaches to go to. It seems like every 2 miles you hit a different named beach on the California coast. My “go to’s” because of their proximity to where I live are Oceanside Pier, Carlsbad, and San Clemente, North Beach!
  2. Hiking with Friends and/or Family – This could be as simple to plan as a group walk around your neighborhood, or it can be a big hike up to some beautiful views like Dripping Springs or Monserat! Southern California is filled with valleys, so many of your hikes are up to a view and then back down. The views are worth it!
  3. Picnic at the Park – Picnics are becoming a pandemic favorite of mine. Sometimes we are outside for only 15 minutes when it is too hot to handle, other times we are able to enjoy a couple hours of relaxation. It get’s us away from our phones, distractions and we get to enjoy spending time in nature, watching kids and dogs run around, and have some good quality time.
  4. Rollerblading – Almost every thrift store I have gone to has had a section for rollerblades and roller skates. Pick up a pair, sanitize them, and then get rolling! If you can’t find any, I have this pair and really like them.
  5. Drive in Movies – Did you know these are still a thing?! They are! Here is a good list of them. I have gone to a couple and have really enjoyed them every time. Take your pandemic crew (you know, the peeps you live with) and enjoy a movie on the big screens! Plus, they are almost always a double feature.
  6. Outdoor Farmers Markets – I LOVE farmers markets. While I shop for mostly frozen veggies when cooking for my hubby and I, I usually look for flowers, local made honeys and sauces, yummy gluten free desserts, and a small selection of fruit!

As the summer weather starts to become livable again, and the fall season approaches, let’s take advantage of the warm sun and the time we can spend outside! The rainy season will bring an entirely new set of outdoor activities 😉 Cheers!