Beach Hacks – Ways to Feel Confident and Have Fun!

(This post is not sponsored but I do make commission from Amazon links if you make a purchase. All opinions and experiences are my own, I promise!)

Hi Friends! The beach (or really any setting with swimsuits involved) can be terrifying and socially exhausting. If you are anything like me, you have times where you feel super confident in a swimsuit, and then you start to think about wearing it out of your room and lose all your confidence. Or, you start to enjoy time outside and then, uh-oh – cramps! (It happens! I’m right there with you!)

I think there are so many things that can go wrong at the beach, a pool day, or lake day so here are some of my life hacks for a fun day in the sun.

  1. Wear a swimsuit that you feel amazing in! This helps soooo much. My current budget friendly, curvy girl friendly are from Cupshe on Amazon. These two businesses (The Honey Mark and Kortni Jeane) have TONS of great reviews, and I keep coming back to them but have not made a purchase yet. I think they will be winners too. Plus, they are size inclusive, diverse, and all around women supporting!
  2. Knowing your worth and value don’t come from how you look, but also knowing that you are BEAUTIFUL! Your worth and value do NOT come from your looks. They come from your incredible smile, the way you take care of your friends and family, how you light up when talking about something that brings you joy. You were valuable even before you were born. I believe this to be 100% true! Your beauty comes from existing. You are beautiful without makeup. You are beautiful without fancy clothes (even without a fancy swimsuit). When you believe this, your beauty shines! As best you can, focus on having fun with your friends, and enjoying the beautiful earth rather than how you feel and what you think you look like.
  3. Plan for the adventures! Pack a bag wherever you go that has hair accessories, tampons/pads/menstrual cups, a change of clothes, some makeup and sunscreen to throw on, an extra towel, a hat, a jacket, and snacks and water. Packing these might feel excessive but when you need these, you really need them. It is so nice to have.

Spending time with family, friends, and outdoors is so important for our health. I used to avoid pool parties and beach days because I was too insecure in my own skin to have fun. If you remember anything, remember this: You are worth it. You are worth overcoming your fears. You are worth spending time with. You are worth taking care of yourself. Moments don’t last forever (the good and the bad), so prepare for a confident day so your good moments can last longer than the bad ones.

Remember: You are worth it!