20 Things to do this Summer when it’s Too Hot to be Outside

The high in the summer in Southern California is usually around 110 degrees. While the beach is beautiful, and pools are relaxing, some days it is just TOO HOT to be outside. It’s ice cream and air conditioning alllll day for me.

It can be easy to feel bored, especially with technology at our fingertips. So, here are 20 things to do when you get bored next time you are stuck inside the house! If you do any of these things, please share your experience with me! I’d love to see what you end up doing! 🙂

  1. A photoshoot – pick a theme and play dress up. Document the occasion – your friends will love it!
  2. At home barista competition – find the best new coffee drink (an iced nutella latte sounds wonderful right now).. you could do this with mixed drinks too!
  3. Harry Potter Marathon – because, duh 🙂
  4. Create a “Yes Jar” – write on a bunch of pieces of paper fun adventures you want to go on so that next time you have a free day, you grab something out of the jar and say “yes” to the idea (Parent Tip: this is great with kids too! You can use different colored pens/paper/popcicle sticks to signify different expenses as well. Ex: Purple is a free activity, Yellow is $5-$10, Green is $15+ or something like that)
  5. Find, Clean off, and Play the oldest game in your cupboard – the one with the broken box from your parents youth
  6. Design a dream board – find old books, magazines, and printouts. Cut them up and style them on a board!
  7. Try a new sport – this can be harder inside but maybe it’s tabletop soccer or yoga? Could be fun.
  8. Try product photography – pick your favorite pair of earrings or soda can and find fun ways to style it and take pictures.
  9. Teach your dog a new trick (or bunny, cat, or any kind of pet)! See if you can get your dog to close the cupboard, or take a bow
  10. Do a tik tok dance! Scroll through Reels or TikTok and find a trending dance, then do it! You will look cuter than you think 😉
  11. Dream up a business – get a whiteboard, and brainstorm a business with your friends. Don’t let it be too serious either. Maybe you do a balloon animal business, or design a new coffee maker that also makes ice cream
  12. Paint rocks and put them all over town! Okay, so maybe don’t put them all over town on the hottest day of the year, but paint them and later put them out. You will bring smiles to so many
  13. Write a letter to a celebrity
  14. Write a letter to your favorite candy company, and share a childhood memory that goes with the candy. (Maybe you will get some free sweets!)
  15. Host a “left overs” tea party – take your leftovers and random food from the cupboard and get dressed up to enjoy a meal with friends. Have your friends bring their leftovers too!
  16. Pretend to be an artist for a day – Pick a canvas, pick a medium, and create! It could be drawing on paper, painting on a jacket, sewing a scrunchie, or even digital art.
  17. Style a skirt 5 different ways – and if that’s too easy, style it 10 different ways. Video it and share with your friends (and me!)
  18. Take some time to meditate! Meditation is soooo good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be religious, or if you are a religious person it can be – honestly, whatever floats your boat. Take some time to be still, be quiet, and calm your spirit and fill it with gratitude for the things around you.
  19. Call a family member -picking up the phone can be pretty uncomfortable. But, you might feel better after calling someone you love. It can be short – 5 minutes even!
  20. Make homemade ice cream! Can you tell I like ice cream?! There are so many great ice cream recipes online (No not the healthy stuff, well I guess you can…i’m thinking heavy cream, sugar, flavors, and toppings – yum!)

These are all fun things I have done in my life, so I hope you enjoy them too! If you end up trying any of these ideas please message me on instagram, I’d love to share with my community! I use the tag #lifewithkaitey for these kinds of posts, so feel free to use it so I see it as well! Happy Summer!