Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is just around the corner, and I could not be happier. My mom has always said that skin care is cheaper than botox, so we gotta wear our sunscreen and take care of our skin! This year’s summer aesthetic is all about taking care of our bodies while having fun in the sun. After all, last summer we were stuck at home so this summer is the time to get outside, enjoy time with friends we have not seen in a while, and get back to “normal.”

Here are some of my summer beauty essentials. Let me know what you think! Peep some of the discount codes available to you!

SkinTe Collagen Tea – My favorite flavor is the Green Tea Grapefruit, on ice! Started by an incredible female trio, SkinTe was created by three women who wanted another way to take care of our skin. These drinks are delicious, and can have great benefits for our skin! PS! If you sign up for a subscription, Code VIP50 gets you 50% off!

SPF all day every day – I go back and forth between different sunscreen, especially when I have to put on makeup for a zoom call. During the summers when I am on calls less, I use this tinted sunscreen as my foundation for some light coverage but great SPF (I use shade medium to tan in the summer, when using a tanning lotion or spray on my face)! Here is a commission link, I super appreciate you using it!

Cute Summer Water Bottle (Discount Code: KAITEY15 – but hurry, the code only lasts until the 25th!)

How cute are these summer water bottles?!? AND I have a discount code for you! I love a good reminder to drink more water. When I’m outside, I don’t usually think about it so I got one of these in hopes that having something cute around me, filled with water I will drink more water. Guess what? It works!

Bonus Tip! Beauty is about so much more than what the world says. My number 1 summer beauty tip for 2021 is to smile, and laugh lots! You are beautiful just the way you are. You are wonderfully made! We are coming out of a crazy 15 months. Pandemic, election, injustices being put on display like we have never seen due to fast spreading information. You deserve rest, and you deserve to take care of yourself! Let your self care include getting outside, laughing, smiling, and taking care of you!

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