Road Trip Essentials

To shop everything for a fun road trip, click here. The best part of 2020 was time spent with my family. We decided to collectively shelter in place at my parents because they have wonderful amenities and great trails to go running, plus their company which was the icing on the cake.

BUT this last year we have spent more time in the car than I would have ever wished for. We drove to and from San Diego to Sacramento (500ish miles). We have made the 8-10 hour drive 7 times this last year! (And once already in 2021)

Here are our road trip must haves!

1. Car Trash Can – I don’t think there is an explanation needed for these 🙂

2. Reusable Mugs – Before 2020, we could take our mugs into coffee shops, and have less trash on our trips. Now, we fill up before we leave and the Yeti mugs are so good they keep our coffee hot 4-5 hours into our drive. We don’t go anywhere without our Yeti’s.

3. Coffee….lots of Coffee – Or energy drinks! I prefer no sugar energy drinks, but I know they are not great for me. Every now and then I find them on sale, and thats when I drink them. Otherwise, it’s a latte or cold brew for me.

4. Podcasts – My husband and I have very different interests when it comes to podcasts but we try to listen to a couple together when on trips. We have had some really great conversations because of them. My top recommended at the moment are: Blue Babies Pink (this is actually my top of all time), Revisionist History (these have been absolutely mind blowing), and Unlocking Us with Brene Brown.

5. Hand Sanitizer – even before 2020 we kept this in our car. You never know who last touched the gas station door handle, or if there is no water in a bathroom…best to keep the hand sanitizer with you.

6. Airpods – Our car does not have very good speakers, and we can’t connect our phones and charge them at the same time. We have a pair of airpods and they were a game changer! We could share music, podcasts, and phone calls without worrying about the car speakers giving out.

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