What is LikeToKnowIt? Should I use it?

If you are new to following bloggers you might not be familiar with the app “LikeToKnowIt.” So….what is it and should you use it?

Short answer:

Liketoknowit is an app that you use in tandem with your social media platforms to purchase home, beauty, and lifestyle products that are recommended by people you follow. So….Yes! Get the app and follow @kaiteyelliott to show my account some love!

Longer Answer:

Bloggers, Home Decor Specialists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Icons and any other type of Influencers use the app as a way to make commission off of the products that they recommend to you. Their commission comes at no extra cost to you! All you have to do is click on the link in the app, find the product (usually on sale too), and shop!

Content creation takes time and effort, and it isn’t always paid. In fact, unless you have millions of followers, it usually isn’t paid. We create content, because we love what we do.

When you see people on Instagram or Pinterest designing rooms, putting together family Christmas photo outfits, or sharing their favorite products sometimes they only get paid if you purchase something through their link, which if we are being honest isn’t often!

As I continue to grow my blog, and create content that I love to share with you, I also need to grow my LikeToKnowIt profile to keep up with the growing world of social media and technology. I have to build my platform on multiple platforms. It takes work, but I have so, so much fun doing it!

If you made it this far, go download the app, and follow @kaiteyelliott to show your support when you like things that I post, or want to purchase something I have shared about! I would never share something that I didn’t like…and let’s be real, I’ll tell you if I don’t like something 😀