5 Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

(I am not a doctor, don’t take my word as gold, please consult your doctor before traveling)

Even before COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, people would get sick while traveling! While I am no doctor, I think it is safe to assume that high stress, poor eating, new germs, time change, and lack of sleep can help any of us get sick.

Over the last few years, I have found ways to stay healthy while traveling the world. Here 5 of my recommendations! (Of course, check with your doctor before heading to new places too).

  1. Nuun – Drink your electrolytes! I hear these three repeated by all doctors, nurses, and PAs that I know and do life with: Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Personally, Nuun is my favorite. They don’t have any added sugar, taste good (I have tried them ALLLL), and are easy to travel with because of the containers they use. My favorite flavor is the Mango Orange + Caffeine.
  2. Hand Sanitizer – I used to think I was crazy to use hand sanitizer, but now the whole world does..so maybe we are all crazy? Before meals on airplanes, after filling up a car at a gas station, I think it is best practice to use [good smelling] hand sanitizer (that has 70% or more alcohol to kill the germs). I also travel with a pack of sanitizing wipes. You never know what you might need them for.
  3. Re-Usable Water Bottle – Water is ESSENTIAL. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I truly believe I am so lucky to live in a country that has water, everywhere – and is usually if not always, free! I travel with a few different reusable cups. At the moment, my favorite is my Yeti tumbler, but on my christmas list is a BRK Bottle!
  4. Sleeping Aid – Again…I am not a doctor! But, if you have a sleeping aid of choice, I recommend traveling with it! I prefer Melatonin. When flying internationally and changing time zones, I find it best to sleep through the “night”, following the timeline of the destination. Sometimes, this means sleeping through what my body is used to as day time. Melatonin helps me fall asleep quickly, and then I don’t have jet lag as bad as could be without it.
  5. Face Masks – these are required at the moment, but I also believe they are useful. When we fly, there are hundreds of people on an airplane. The amount of times I have been literally sneezed on, is horrifying. Maybe it’s comfort, maybe it’s science, wear a mask. These are super cute!

Bonus Tip for Flying!

I have flown on many 10+ hour flights, which usually leads to 20+ hours in the air on any given trip. Our bodies need movement, so get up and move! The last 2 international trips that I have done, I made a point to get up every hour and walk a lap in the plane. Did the person next to me get annoyed? Maybe, but I was kind, respectful, and wanted to make sure I was treating my body with respect too. When we landed, I didn’t feel the normal plane exhaustion that I had felt on past trips.

I hope these help you find comfort in traveling, and during the season of COVID, stay extra healthy and safe for you and those around you 🙂