A Functional Christmas List

My hubby and I are downsizing this next year, so when I think about what Christmas gifts to ask for, I am choosing to ask for things that are fun but also practical and functional. Here are some of the things on my wish list!

(All opinions are my own! Yes, these random items are on my wishlist this year! I do have affiliate links, your purchases through my blog help me to keep blog posts coming year round. Thanks in advance!)

Phone Tripod – On a couple of different trips this year, I have asked strangers to take a picture of Craig and I, only for them to turn out fuzzy, or way off centered. This one has great reviews, I look forward to using it!

Yeti Mug – Stainless Steel Mugs are incredibly useful. I have a tumbler I got a couple of months ago and it has replaced almost all cups and glasses that I would have used otherwise. They can hold hot or cold drinks, and keep the temperature all day. When I leave ice in it at night, the ice is still there the next day.

Surge Protector with USB ports – I got a pack of 2 a few months ago and we realized we could use them in every port! Between laptops, phones, watches, and other devices that need charging, these are great!

Eco Friendly Lint Roller – Between my hubby’s curls and mine, hair is everywhere all the time. I am in desperate need of lint rollers, but I don’t like the waste that comes from the ones you tear off and throw away. I am excited to try this one.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – In the last year I have replaced mine, and recently I started getting headaches while on my computer. I am looking at getting this pack to give me a couple different style options, and hopefully protect my eyes!

Dishwasher Label – Have had roomates almost consistently since I graduated from high school. My hubby and I even had roomates our first couple years of marriage (we just hit 2 years last week, so I can claim that now right?) Hehe. We have one just like this, and I think everyone needs one!

Reusable Bags – I bought a small pack of 2 earlier in the year and I use them every day. Only recently have I found the need for more than 2 bags. I could find use for them all! I actually started using them to store non-food products too.

Nespresso Machine – The Nespresso Original pods are available in stores like Trader Joes, Walmart and Target now! I currently own the Verturo machine (the newer model pods) and am obsessed. The price per pod is about $1 compared to $0.15 (original pods). Here is a link to the machine that uses the original pods. Eventually, we will sell our machine and get the older model.