Weekend in Tahoe Adventures (pt 1)

The snow season is here! I had an incredible weekend in Tahoe and wanted to share all of the fun things I did on a girls trip. ALl of these options are relatively affordable, and can be done with a day trip, or a weekend in the snow. Direct links are provided to you as well. 🙂

**everything we did was socially distant, and as COVID safe as possible**

Snow – I think it might have been the first snowfall in Tahoe of the year, it was BEAUTIFUL! We got 3 or 4 inches of snow, just enough to take fun pictures, freeze our hands, and be cold enough that hot coffee. And, this cute bear came to visit!

Candle Making – We went to “All Fired Up!” We had heard about this cute candle making shop from a friend of a friend, and it was such a great time to be creative, have fun doing something with our hands, and relatively cheap. The experience was about an hour long, It was about $20 to make a candle. Mine was inspired by Elsa, and smelled like a cinnamon bun. Yum. At “All Fired Up!” you can also paint wall decals, ceramics, bags and make mosaic crafts. It was 100% kid and adult friendly ~ They have an option for drinking wine too.

Jakes on the Lake – Jake’s on the Lake was beautiful. From where we were sitting, we could see the lake (picture taken just outside where we were sitting), and it brought us so much peace looking out onto the water. We all had different meals (some even off the kids menu), but it sounded like everyone enjoyed their food! I had the best grilled chicken and veggies, (with a side of fries of course). The food was good, but the view made the meal!

Snowshoeing – There wasn’t enough snow to trek out into the wilderness, but I was able to go on a couple of runs while in Tahoe. Snow shoes are a great way to explore the out doors, while keeping costs relatively low. You can find snowshoes to purchase for between $50-$200 depending on quality, and once they are purchased you can use them forever! We have 2 pairs my parents bought 25 years ago, that we use every season.