Best Gifts for the Athlete in your Family

(I am not sponsored by these companies unless specified, all opinions are my own. I am also not a doctor, and make no medical claims for the items listed (…these are all opinions))

It’s Holiday Gift collection season! Here are the top gifts the athletes in my family are asking for this year.

PowerDot 2.0 – this at home muscle stimulation is a great tool to help you recover. It can help decrease muscle soreness after a tough workout.

Deep Tissue Roller – we use these daily! While I also enjoy the round rollers that you can sit on, this is a great addition. You can target different areas, and work the muscles out after a good workout.

Nuun Ambassador Membership– sign up for them! Most years, becoming a Nuun ambassador gets you 30-40% off of products, and you have the opportunity for fun swag. Their drinks are great for hydration.

Spin Bike — spin bikes are the equipment piece of the season! Everyone I know is figuring out a way to afford a Norditrack or a Pelaton. Personally, I don’t have room for either in my apartment, but I know if I had the space, it would be fun to fill it with these bikes!

Goodr Sunglasses — I wear mine all the time! They are the best. For $25 they are great running, kayaking, biking, and they have been designing cute (not sporty) styles lately too! I think my hubby has 4 pairs . . . one for every outfit 😉

Chirp Wheel — My parents have an off brand of a chirp wheel at their house and every time I am there, I love using it! It’s “in my cart” waiting for the day I finally splurge and buy it. I’m convinced all of us need one of these after working from home on our couches in 2020!