Fun Gifts for Her – Fall 2020

Ya’ll loved the post I did about gifts for our men, so I decided to put one together for us ladies! I know it’s not Christmas time yet (my Christmas list is probably wayyyyy longer), but here are some fun “gifts for me” that I would love to get or give any time of year!

Key Chain Bracelet – I think these are just so fab! I have a cheetah print one for my car keys, but let’s be real, the gold or silver one are cute too! I actually sort my keys by location so that I don’t loose all of them at once, so this is a great way to keep keys organized.

Victoria Emerson Watch Strap – I have one of their watch cuffs, but it fits a little snug. I found this cute wrap bracelet, which is perfect for any size wrist!

Golden Heart Necklace – I’m telling you, you really can’t go wrong with jewelry made from an Etsy shop. My favorite in this cute little shop is the large initial necklace, but there are tons of cute options!

Patagonia Quilt Pull Over – Patagonia is usually on the pricey side, but their stuff lasts forever! Quilt style pull overs are very popular right now, and these colors are perfect for any season. Plus, with the REI co-op if you spend $100 before the end of the month, you get $20 back in a gift card.

Happy Sticker Sheet – Ashton Creates is one of my favorite decal artists. I follow her on instagram, and she doesn’t make something that isn’t cute! These are great notes of encouragement, “i’m thinking of you” gifts, or self love gifts to buy yourself.

Clay Earrings – Arloa Designed Earrings are my current obsession. Each pair unique, hand made with love, and so so cute. I have found that I can wear them with just about any outfit!

Fall Eye Shadow – I love Juvia’s Place make up, and these colors are perfect for fall!