Top Sacramento Fall Adventures

(All opinions are my own, and I am not sponsored by anyone)

Fall is officially here and I am LOVING it. Even though it is still very hot outside, fall coffee drinks, and the leaves starting to change is good enough for me. Plus, the closer we are to the holidays, means the closer we are to time off of work to spend with family and I am all about that!

The longer I live in the greater Sacramento area, the move I love living here. Downtown Sac is vibrant, upbeat, and full of character. Then, 20 minutes into the mountains (from where I live) and I am in adorable small mountain towns with hiking, trees (one of my favorite of Gods incredible creations), bed and breakfasts, coffee shops, and thrift stores. If I drive for an hour or two East or West I hit prime vacation spots like San Fransisco, or Lake Tahoe!

This fall, even with this year being “the year of Covid” we have some incredible day or half day adventures planned! I hope you enjoy reading about these and maybe throw them on your calendar too! Happy FALL!

  1. Bishop Pumpkin Farm – I have been to Bishop’s every year since moving to northern California! My budget is always pretty small so I try one new food or drink item each year. Hands down my favorite drink is their Apple Cider Slushies or Slushakies (i’m not sure which is which). They have this frozen drink that has apple cider, with a layer of vanilla soft serve ice cream and it is HEAVEN. I also try to grab a few pumpkins to support their business. They always support incredible non-profits, and employ hundreds of locals. Yay for shopping local!
  2. Midtown Farmers Market – Okay so this isn’t technically a “fall” activity, but as the weather cools down it becomes much more worth it and fun! I try to get my produce from either a farmers market, or Imperfect Produce ($10 off code if you sign up through this link!). To be transparent, I also get my produce from Walmart, but I notice I waste less when I put more effort into shopping – maybe its a mind game LOL. I really enjoy walking around Sacramento on a Saturday morning. They normally have flowers and gluten free/vegan foods too!
  3. Hiking in Auburn – Fun fact, I used to hate hiking! I was always the slowest in the group, I was so uncomfortable in hiking shoes and outfits, and I really don’t like being out of breath. Now? I love it! Though, I am still usually the slowest, and out of breath…I try to find cute clothes and I know which shorts to not chafe in! (TMI? Sorry.) Fun pictures, good company, and beautiful weather pair for a great hike. I couldn’t tell you which hikes I go on though, because my husband is a runner so we just go places he runs.
  4. Reading at a Coffee Shop – Sooooo this one isn’t quite an “adventure” but it is the perfect morning in my opinion. I have so many coffee shops on my list to try. Here are two of them: Scorpio Every Bru (a coffee shop with a great mission!).