Fun Gifts for Him – 2020

In November my hubs and I will have been married for TWO YEARS! The time has gone so incredibly fast. Here are some gifts I have given him over the last few years, as well as some on his current wishlist!

Nespresso Essenza Mini – We love pretty much every type of Nespresso machine. They range in prices from $199-$599, and are often on sale. With the original line, you can find pods for as little as $0.08 each online and in stores. My husband only drinks Americanos (water and espresso), so we don’t need a machine that makes lattes (espresso and foamed milk).

Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler – We have family all over the state of California, so we road trip everywhere. This cooler has become our “go to.” Last winter season it kept our milk / dairy products cold outside for an entire week! (You can also find a Walmart brand that looks and works similarly here.)

Rainbow Shoes (or Sandals) – These are a MUST have in California. I used to wear my rainbow sandals to work every day. I was on my feet for 6-7 hours and my feet never hurt! These moccasin type shoes are great for working in the office, or adventuring around town.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker – This pressure cooker is our number one most used item we got off of our wedding registry. 2 years later and we still use it almost daily. There are so many yummy recipes for easy family dinners. If i’m being honest though, we mostly use it to cook chicken in 15 minutes, and rice in 8.

Personalized Game – During quarantine we played games almost nightly. One of our favorites quickly became “shut the box” because it’s easy, can be played in bed, and is a very fast game. We borrowed my parents game, but I am thinking about getting him a personalized one from this Etsy shop for him this year.

A.E. Joggers – my man wears these DAILY. Neither of us have had to be in the office for months, and he doesn’t have too many face to face zoom meetings. While I still have to do my make up, and look presentable on at least the top half, he gets to rock lounge wear all day every day. I tease him about his “daytime pajamas.”