Office Depot Finds

Working from home has changed meaning over the last few months (thanks COVID). For us, it means we now have 3 people working in the same room, AND a 4th grader a few days a week doing distance learning. Companies have been using the term “pivot” and for a while I was burnt out and frustrated with the word. However, now that the dust has settled and social distancing has begun to feel normal, I understand the importance of being flexible with our options. Here is how we are making things work in our house.

Secret Desks (aka kitchen tables)

Baskets (for all things work related) – the smaller sized baskets can fit pens, pencils, rulers, and other tools for school. The larger ones are perfect for your laptops and work binders! We use them around our house. Do they completely hide that we work from home? Nope! But, that isn’t the goal. My goal in my home is always functional, stylish organization.

Backpacks – this was a must! We are doing distance learning a few days a week but I want my student to feel as though they have everything they need, no matter where they are. I thought the colors of this one was super cute.

Printer (if possible, I would hide this) – You can find printers at just about every price point. If you or your student don’t need anything printed, you can use Office Depot’s printing service for one off occasions. I would print everything if I could! My favorite is the HP LaserJet Pro series.

Family Calendar – if there is nothing else on this list you buy, go get a planner! In my house we use a combination of google calendar (just my hubby and I) and a physical calendar. Having a posted schedule, for everyone in the house to see is a GAME CHANGER. You can schedule your meal times, screen time, “focused work time” (learn more about how we are working from home and doing distance learning), and family time!

Individual Planner – I live by my daily planner. I use it for social media content planing, “focused work time”, gym time, coffee appointments, zoom meetings, meal times, homework time, and literally anything else that I would need to “schedule”. The hour by hour is my favorite feature, and the cute stickers are a bonus!

Fun Pens and Pen Holders – just trust me on this one, we all use pens and pencils, so splurge a little bit and get a few cute styles.

Back in March we had no idea what the rest of 2020 was going to look like. We can’t control the situations around us, but we can make the best of what we have. Remember to take care of your entire self (mind, body, spirit) and we will all get through this as a community together.