Kaitey standing in fitness clothes with a water tumbler

My Fitness Journey during COVID

If anyone else out there was like me, 2020 was going to be THE year. We were going to set and accomplish goals, be the best versions of ourselves possible, be social, work hard, and play hard…and then in early March the world paused (link here for cool pictures of the world on pause)

In super short summary here is my life fitness history for context:

  • I played sports my entire life. 100% insecure about my body as many girls are growing up, but looking back I was super fit and healthy
  • I quit volleyball my junior year of high school after transitioning my hobbies into a robotics team (learn more about young women in technology here!)
  • I gained about 10lbs my senior year of high school, but didn’t really notice. Clothes still fit, my energy was still high.
  • Freshman year of college I did SO MUCH yo-yo dieting and kept my weight the same.
  • Sophomore-Senior year I gained about 10 pounds in total. I recognize this isn’t a lot. BUT from my weight at my healthiest, I was now about 20lbs heavier than I would have wanted.
  • First year out of undergrad, married, working full time and going to grad school, I gained another 10lbs. (Now we are at 30lbs overweight!)
  • 2019 comes around. I decided it was time to focus on my body, my mind, my spirit, and that I wanted to be healthy!
  • Went to the doctors, they recommended I go vegan (high cholesterol), and I did. I have never been more proud. I went cold turkey (bad phrase lol) vegan for an entire 9 months. My cholesterol dropped, I was feeling great. My weight? = no change

Okay, now if you skimmed that you are up to speed. In December 2019, I had my cholesterol check, and my weight check at my annual physical appointment. I learned that by adding in chicken and dairy my cholesterol did hike back up. AND I learned that my weight was the same.

I knew that if I wanted to be healthy, I had to stop letting my weight, my lab results, my clothing size, and my cravings control me BUT I also knew that my relationship with food and exercise needed improvement.

Since March I have been running 3-4 times per week, doing Beach Body video programs and have set these three goals:

  • eat veggies at 2/3 meals
  • move as much as possible
  • journal about my previous day in the morning

I can’t wait to show you updated progress pictures soon, but I want to wait until October! Here are my last few! I was literally thrilled to see the difference in my arms, and over all body shape.