Fall Target Must Haves

September is here and with all that has happened during 2020, I am so incredibly thankful that stores start marketing to us in early September for the fall season! This means sweaters, candles, pumpkin candy corn, poufs, and just about anything and everything we need to nest well, while being stuck at home for the rest of the year.

I don’t actually think the world is going to continue to be shut down through December, but here in California it sure does seem like it.

I had so much fun spending the day in Target wandering around to find the best products for you!

Favorite Home Goods

  • Coiled Rope Baskets – I have these everywhere in my house! The different sizes are the perfect key to hiding the every day mess (keys, pens and pencils)! Functional and cute.
  • Wire Storage Basket – This adorable basket is on my wishlist. We use cloth napkins in my house, currently in a drawer, but if I had this basket they would sit out on the counter! Christmas is coming soon, and pine cones would look and smell amazing in the basket as well!

Favorite Fall Fashion Accessories

  • Gold Hoop Earrings – These are a timeless classic. I think earrings are the perfect way to add style to an outfit
  • Champagne Umbrella – How cute is this?! I can just about picture this umbrella being the highlight to any outfit this winter. Even if it is just from the parking lot at work, to your office. You can walk into the day with such confidence!
  • Leather Gloves – Gloves in the winter are a must have for me! We actually don’t have a garage to park our car in, so the first 5ish minutes in the car are so cold! Gloves help me to touch the steering without freezing!
  • Ruana Jacket – this is so elegant! You could wear this over a church outfit, or a bundled date night.

With the unofficial fall just 1 week into the season I know there will be dozens more fun finds from target! Stay tuned for the next target haul! If you have not yet, be sure to follow me on instagram and subscribe!