My Podcast List for 2020

Happy Monday! Below is a list of Podcasts that I have begun to listen to…again, like my Reading List, it is exhaustingly long, and will take multiple years to get through. But, over time the episode list starts to go down, and I find myself looking for a new show.

It’s time for a moment of truth. I don’t like podcasts. I don’t! I can’t stand having an audio message playing that I have to pay attention to. Maybe I am not an auditory learner, maybe I am lazy…but what I have learned is these stories are important, and podcasts provide a way to listen to others stories while working out, driving to school, or while laying out in the sun. These stories provide an alternative to reading books, and are just incredible. Even if you are “not a podcast person” It’s time to start listening. We are in this together, but we have to be listening and reading to learn.

Some of these podcasts are stories that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode, others are short and sweet, others are really difficult to get through because of how real, and raw the world can be.

The podcasts on this list are not all about racism, or social justice, but they all will make you think, make you question what you believe, and make you question how you show love to the people around you

A professor I had once said “The reason we study psychology is to have a greater level of empathy and compassion for one another.” I want that to be how I live my life. I want to live that way not just when in a psychology class, but in everything I do. Enjoy!

“The reason we study psychology is to have a greater level of empathy and compassion for one another.”

This List by The Good Trade

Blue Babies Pink (my personal favorite, B.T. is an incredible story teller!)

Catlick (listener’s discretion, this is a hard one to stomach, but it has such important historical events about the American South)

Seeing White and The Land That Has Never Been Yet from Scene On Radio’s (these are OH SO good)

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker (she is hilarious)

Anti-Racist Pod Squad (must be subscribed to Roll Call to have access)

Revisionist History

See Something, Say Something by Ahmed Ali Akbar

Truth Be Told by KQED

Believed by NPR (listener’s discretion, google a summary to see if would trigger any past wounds you may have)

This List by Podcasts In Color

**If you have any recommendations to add, feel free to comment below! This is no where near a complete list**